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Aerospace Fasteners provides military and commercial grade aircraft fastening hardware to over 300 customers worldwide. More important than the parts we supply to our customers, is the service we provide.

At Aerospace Fasteners, customer service begins even before we receive your order.

Quality Control

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Our Quality Control process ensures that our parts are thoroughly reviewed and inspected before they ever reach our warehouse. The same quality standards are also applied for every part arriving at our customers’ facilities through our VMI and Consignment programs.

With up to three years of parts inventory in-stock at all times, you enjoy peace of mind that your orders are always processed promptly and delivered without delay. Our barcode-managed inventory system ensures the fastest, most accurate order fulfillment possible. And if there is ever a question on your order or the parts in it, we have the data to quickly trace the order and part history.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Aerospace Fasteners Inc. empowers customers with the flexibility to manage their inventories in the manner best suited to their operations. Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution alleviates the typical inventory maintenance concerns so you can focus on your core business.

With benefits ranging from Enhanced Lot Traceability to Consolidated Billing, our VMI solutions ensure optimized product throughput and fewer logistical headaches.

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Kitting Services

We recognize the benefit of providing convenient, bundled product kits for your customers. Our specialty Kitting Services offer a flexible, hassle-free solution for customers who wish to stock pre-packaged aircraft hardware component kits.

Our kits are fully customizable and treated with the same high quality standards and attention to detail we apply to all other products in our warehouse. Every part in your kits is tracked through our inventory management system.

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Similar to our Vendor Managed Inventory solutions, our Consignment services enable select customers to maintain plenty of on-site inventory on consignment, freeing up capital that might otherwise be overspent on unneeded inventory.

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