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Given the nature of the parts we carry and the customers that we work with, Quality Control is a vital part of how we do business each day at Aerospace Fasteners. We work hard to ensure that we exceed the quality expectations of our customers.

At Aerospace Fasteners, our slogan is “Quality Equals Satisfied Customers”. Based on our company’s quality policy, we strive for continuous improvement by pursuing 100% customer satisfaction, controlling and eliminating nonconforming product, and on-time delivery to our customers. In order to achieve these objectives, we have implemented a variety of measures to ensure our success.

Aerospace Fasteners maintains an AS9100/ISO 9001:2008 certification all times, ensuring that we have superior quality systems in place within our organization.

We have implemented a variety of equipment to properly inspect parts when they enter our facility. This includes basic inspection equipment such as calipers and micrometers. We also have advanced inspection equipment, including hi-powered digital microscopes, spring load testers, and a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for inspecting complex machine parts. All dimensional inspections are performed using the sampling guidelines defined in ANSI Z1.4.


Keyence IM-6225 System

We recently acquired the Keyence IM-6225 Image Dimension Measurement System to provide increased accuracy during inspections. The Keyence IM-6225 works by placing a part on its equipment measuring stage and simultaneously measuring each feature of the part. If an issue does arise with a part or batch, the Keyence’s data reporting system allows us to provide our suppliers with accurate and detailed reports quickly and efficiently. The ultimate benefit to our aerospace customers from this equipment is shorter lead times on deliveries to them.

To ensure control of the parts stock in our facility, we use an electronic MRP inventory control system. We utilize 2D bar coding, with our inventory control measures, for better efficiency and to ensure orders are filled with the correct parts. This system maintains over 60,000 SKUs in our inventory.

All related paperwork associated with an item, including certifications and supporting documentation, is kept at our facility for a minimum of ten years, and available upon request from our customers.

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